Full Name: Kevin A. Robinson
Nickname: K-Rob
Date of Birth: November 6, 1978
Hometown: Cavalier, ND
Current town: Cavalier
Occupation: Bearing technician at ADM of Walhalla, ND

Spouse: Tiffany

Family: father Dennis Robinson, mother Nancy Robinson
I've been chariot racing since 1993 in the states. My first year racing in Canada was last year (2008). I will be racing chuckwagon for the first time in summer of 2009. My father Dennis has been racing chariots since 1988 in the states. His first time racing in Canada was also last summer. I've had 13 top 3 finishes in the 50" division for chariots, and have won 6 titles. Racing in Canada has been a real good experience for me. I had lots of fun last year competing in a few races in Canada, and look forward to competing again this summer. 


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