The Manitoba Pony Chariot and Chuckwagon Association was formed in 1963. The goal of the association has always been to promote the sport of pony chuckwagon and chariot racing. Times have changed, but the club is still going strong and has more members and shows than ever. We are proud to provide thrilling entertainment to audiences throughout the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The sport of pony chariot and chuckwagon racing originated in Manitoba. The legendary Mr. Cliff Clagget was the original promoter of the sport, and he held residence North of Swan River for many years. Cliff put on rodeos and races all over North America, and Swan River was one of the largest events. Still today the Northwest Roundup and Exhibition is one of the largest race meets that takes place in Western Canada.

Things have changed a lot from 48" ponies travelling in the back of a pickup truck to 58 1/2" ponies that have been bred and raised for the sport. Pony Chariot and Chuckwagon racing in Western Canada is at an unprecedented level of competitiveness.

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