Congrats to the following:

MPCCA Chuckwagon Champion - Ken Callander

MPCCA Chariot Champion - Ross Schnell

Penalty Free Chuckwagon - Paul Neufeld

Rookie Chuckwagon - Brett Neufeld

Top Junior Driver - Quinn Langevin

Best Dressed Wagon - (tie) Miles McNarland / Ken Kvemshagen

Infield Helper - Quinn Langevin

Favorite Driver - Ross Schnell

MPCCA "Dream Team" Equine Awards

2016 Left Leader of the Year - Ruger - Ken Callander
2016 Right Leader of the Year - Ally - Ken Kvemshagen
2016 Left Pole Horse of the Year - Ace - Paul Neufeld
2016 Right Pole Horse of the Year - Tick - Gilbert Soucy


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